Basic Cooking Techniques


Bake: To cook uniform pieces of food uncovered in an oven. Oven temperatures may range from low (300 degrees) to medium (350) to high (400 and above).

Boil: To cook food by submersing it in boiling liquid. The liquid will have numerous large bubbles vigorously breaking the surface of the liquid.

Braise: To cook food gently and slowly in a small amount of liquid, usually in a lidded pot.

Sauté: To cook food quickly, in small pieces or thin slices in a little fat (butter, margarine or oil) over medium-high or high heat to create a flavorful brown crust on the food. Shaking the pan or stirring the food with a wooden spoon or spatula prevents the food from burning.

Pan fry: To cook food, such as pieces of meat, in a skillet or pan with just enough fat (butter, margarine or oil) to prevent the food from sticking to the pan.

Broil: To cook food (thin, small pieces are best) under and usually quite close to the upper heating element in an oven.

Simmer: To cook food at just below a boil. For a gentle simmer, few small bubbles break the surface of the liquid. For a brisk simmer, larger, more frequent bubbles rise to the surface.

Steam: To cook food over simmering or boiling water so that the heat of the rising steam penetrates and cooks the food.

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